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November 27, 2013

Mysterious Package of Rev. J. E. Foote in 1912 Time Capsule

Mysterious Package of Rev. J. E. Foote in 1912 Time Capsule
1920 Census James E. Foote
Recently a 1912 Time Capsule in Trinity Episcopal Church in Grand Ledge Michigan was opened. Inside were the usual items - photographs, newspapers, etc. But one item was a package from the Rev. J. E. Foote who labelled himself as "Congregational Minister" Rev. Foote included instructions on the package wrapping that the package was to be delivered to his descendants for opening.

The problem is that Church members have no idea who Rev. Foote was. His package is not listed in the Church list of items placed in the Time Capsule. 

Matt Novak of Paleofuture wrote about this in a story called Mysterious Package Found in Century-Old Time Capsule

Anyone wishing to help in the search for Rev. Foote and his descendants can join in the discussion on Mr. Novak's article.

I did a quick search and found that the James E. Foote age 41 is found in the 1910 census for Antrim Michigan and is listed as "Minister - Church". His wife Maud is 39, and their children are Ruth (17), Mary (16) , Edward (14) and Arthur (13). 

In 1920 James E. Foote is in Grand Ledge Michigan with his wife Maude, son James A. Foote, daughters Ruth Bendall and Mary Shearer and a grand daughter Jean Shearer. He is listed as a bookkeeper for the Parish church.

I have no doubt that my wonderful super sleuth readers can find a descendant of the Rev. James E. Foote. 


Kathie Orr said...

Wonderful piece and as usual genealogists got on the case quickly. I can't wait for updates

Jill Stephenson said...

I have been recently researching J.E. Foote. I am trying to prove or disprove that he is the man that photographed our town back in the very early 1900's. have you located his family yet?
Jill Stephenson
Mancelona Area Historical Society

Jill Stephenson said...

I talked with one of Rev. Foote's great granddaughter this afternoon. The family is aware of the package and will be traveling to Michigan in May to open the package!! I'm so very excited for them!!