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November 17, 2013

Lucky 13? 13 Things You Never Knew About Me

Lucky 13? 13 Things You Never Knew About Me
There's been a fun "meme" going on over on Facebook. You are given a number and using that number you must reveal things that others probably don't know about you.

I was given the number 13 (!!) so here are 13 things you probably never knew about me. (If you want to join in on the comment section of this post, use the number 3)

1. I learned to belly dance when I was in my 30s

2. I detest chocolate - the smell, the taste -- hate it all

3. I love Math! I could do algebraic equations for hours

4. I was once on a game show with host Alex Trebeck (before he was famous) which aired on CBC in 1969. I think I was on in 1970. I won a washer and dryer but Alex kept mispronouncing my name so I corrected him. Yes. While we were on the air....

5. I can play the French Horn

6. I sprained my wrists when I fell off the roof of our porch while handcuffed to the boy next-door. Okay okay we were playing Cops and Robbers and we climbed on the roof (we were the bad guys) and he said "Jump!" and I didn't but he did..... so down I went.

7. As a kid I was terrified of horses so when I was 13 I signed up for horse riding lessons to try to overcome my fear. It didn't work. I'm still scared of horses

8. I was so shy and introverted as a kid that I kept my hair long so it would fall over my face when I read and no one could see me

9. I am geographically & directionally challenged. I can get lost coming out of a store in the mall.

10. I won the medal for highest marks at Wilfred Laurier University when I was getting my B.A.

11. I paint and I used to sculpt. I had a few watercolours in a show several years ago.

12. I am scared of turkeys. They make creepy noises (veet, veet!) and they peck and they are very tall

13. I used to sail competitively and during one race I met Gordon Lightfoot. Well, okay truth is he yelled at me cuz he was peeved.....


Debi Austen said...

I'll play :-)

1. I shook JFK's hand in 1960 while he was campaigning for president.

2. I was once disqualified from a swimming race in high school because I swam too fast.

3. Most people who know me are already aware that I am deathly afraid and grossed out by spiders.

Yvonne Demoskoff said...

I remember that TV show, because I used to watch it, Lorine, but couldn’t think of the name until I did a search for it. It was called “Strategy” and played on CBC for a few months in 1969. And I can’t believe you were yelled at by Canadian music legend Gordon Lightfoot; what a lucky girl ;-)

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Yvonne - I can't believe you watched Strategy1 You probably saw me - I was wearing a light mauve dress and my long dark hair was pulled back/up in a very unflattering "bun" type hairstyle!

As for GL, he used to sail on Georgian Bay in his boat GOlden Goose. We sailed in tandem with him across the Bay during a bad storm as his crew were all seasick except the Captain and a few others. Our crew were likewise seasick and out of commission except for me and our Captain.

GL called across to ask us to sail with them (safety for both of us) but when we got to safe harbour, he yelled at me for disturbing his playing!