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November 4, 2013

Procrastination, My Word For the Day and a Lesson Learned

Procrastination, My Word For the Day and a Lesson Learned
My Western Digital My Book Live 2TB Personal Cloud Storage has not been co-operating with my Mac laptop for several months. I can access MyBookLive from my Windows main computer but not from my Mac. 

Yes I've been meaning to check into the problem and fix it..... because that is where I do my backups of important files. MyBookLive is like having your personal cloud computing system and it's really very cool. 

Of course I also have external cloud services. The two I use daily are Dropbox and Bitcasa. But I don't do a complete backup with them because I don't put private or confidential information in the cloud. 

So MyBookLive which I have password protected, is where my monthly backups live. Except I haven't done any monthly backups in, well, months! Lately my Mac has been overheating. It gets so hot I think I could fry eggs on it. This morning I booked an appointment at the nearest Genius Bar (which happens to be a 2 hour drive each way...)

Of course they strongly suggest you backup your computer before bringing it in. That's a wise precaution and I have a feeling my Mac will be staying for some in-depth work, so I do want to back it up. That was a problem so I got to work on fixing MyBookLive.

Well, long story short, that has not been easy nor completely successful. I've managed to fix it enough that I can manually transfer files from my Mac to MyBookLive. That's a tedious and very slow process!

But I cannot use Mac's built in Time Machine to transfer (which would get everything and be far less tedious) because my very poor Internet connection via satellite, will not connect to Western Digital to allow for firmware updates. And without that update, Time Machine can't connect to MyBookLive and start the transfer. 

If I'd begun solving this problem when it first arose I would not be in this mess. 

Procrastination. Yep that's my word for the day. I'm going to write 100 lines of "I will not procrastinate". Well, maybe I'll write it out tomorrow.....

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