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May 16, 2014

An index to Niagara area Loyalists and their Land Certificates

Image 160 Index of names H 1140
Canadiana.Org has digitized 21 films of the Heir & Devisee Commission Papers (Heir & Devisee Commission papers 1797-1854, found in their Heritage Collection), and that's a good thing for genealogists. These records have valuable and informative genealogical documents.

But as mentioned in a previous blog post I wrote called Heir & Devisee Commission 1797-1854 on - Listing Errors and a Workaround, the index and description of what is in each film, as provided on,  is incorrect.

I have been slowly going through each film and noting the correct contents in detail. I have begun to publish my full set of corrections for the digitized records on Olive Tree Genealogy website at Heir & Devisee Commission 

Image 174 Jonas Larroway Certificate
While scrolling through  microfilm H 1140 in order to correct's flawed content description, I came across a set of Land Certificates and other documents from individuals living in what was called Nassau District. Nassau District was known by this name until 1792 and consisted of western Lake Ontario and Niagara areas. Most, if not all, of the men listed were Loyalists. In fact my 5th great grandfather Jonas Larroway is on this list and his Land Certificate is found on images 174 and 175. 

Since the Heir & Devisee Commision records have not been indexed I decided to take the time to copy the names and provide the image number of each claim and the name of the individual. This means that if you spot a name of interest you can go directly to the film (HD 1140) and then directly to the image number for your ancestor. 

I will also be publishing an index to 150 claims by individuals living in the Home District (In 1792 Nassau District was renamed Home District). See History of Ontario  and Districts of Upper Canada in 1846 for a list of the original Districts and information on name and boundary changes.

H 1140 Volume 41 Land Location Certificates 

Image 159 TITLE: Nassau District  land certificates #1-15 1790–1792
Image 160 Index of Claimant names:
  • Bradt, Aaron 1790
  • Brown, Joseph 1791
  • Butler Sheehan, Walter 1790
  • Clench lieut. Rolfe 1792
  • Cunningham, Archibald 1792
  • Fanning, John 1791
  • Fisher, William 1792
  • Haslip, James 1791
  • Larraway, Jonas 1792
  • Lottridge Capt. Robert 1792
  • Lutes, Sampson 1790
  • Murray, Lieutenant Duncan 1791
  • Palmer, Joseph 1791
  • Petri, Joseph 1791
  • Reynolds, Lieutenant Caleb 1792
  • Robison, James 1790
  • Ropp, Andrew 1833
Actual certificates and receipts. Image Numbers and Claimant Names
  • Image 161 Aaron Bradt certificate
  • Image 162-163 Joseph Brown certificate
  • Image 164 Walter Butler Sheehan certificate
  • Image 165-167 lieut. Rolfe clench certificate
  • Image 168-169 John Henry Chrysler, Aaron Young, Philip Young
  • Image 170-171 John Fanning certificate
  • Image 172–173 James Haslip certificate
  • Image 174-175 Jonas Laraway certificate
  • Image 176-179 Capt. Robert Lottridge certificate
  • Image 180-182 Sampson Lutes certificate
  • Image 183-184 lieut. Duncan Murray certificate
  • Image 185-187 Joseph Palmer certificate
  • Image 188-189 Joseph Petri certificate
  • Image 190-195 lieut. Caleb Reynolds certificate
  • Image 196-198 Archibald Cunningham certificate
  • Image 199 William Fisher certificate
  • Image 200 James Robison certificate
  • Image 201-209 Joseph Robison certificate
  • Image 210-211 Andrew Ropp, Jacob Erb 1833
For Olive Tree Genealogy's list of corrected volumes please see Heir & Devisee Commission

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