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May 4, 2014

Sharing Memories Week 18: Your Favourite TV Shows

Sharing Memories Week 18: Your Favourite TV Shows
Sharing Memories is a series of weekly prompts to help all genealogists (including me!) with writing up memories of our ancestors and our childhood. 

We all love to find a diary or letters written by great grandma or grandpa where they talk about their lives and share their memories. Think how excited one of your descendants will be to read about your memories and your stories! These stories will be lost after a few generations unless we preserve them. And what better way than in a weekly themed post. 

This week's prompt is "Favourite TV Shows" What were yours? What did your parents watch? How old were you when your family got a television set? 

I was about nine years old before we had a TV. It was a little black and white in a cabinet. I didn't get to watch much though. That was my dad's "empire" and when he got home from work he switched it to whatever he wanted to watch even if you were in the middle of a great cowboy show!

I do remember watching Rawhide and a couple of other westerns but I don't know how old I was. There was no such thing as Saturday morning cartoons in our house -  that TV stayed off until after supper. Then my dad put on what he wanted. 

He loved watching Red Skeleton and Lawrence Welk, especially if the Lennon Sisters were on. But I wasn't allowed to stay up even on the weekends to watch, so I didn't grow up watching television very much. 

So for me television isn't my first choice of leisure activities. I was always more of a reader and would escape into a good book whenever possible. Up to about 5 years ago when I developed some eye conditions which made reading difficult, I still rarely watched TV. Now it's my escape after supper as I can't read or work on my computer much after mid-afternoon rolls around. 

What was your favourite TV show? How old were you when your parents got a television or did they always have one?

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