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May 8, 2014

The Childen's Home Website Now Online

The Childen's Home Website Now Online
The first phase of The Children's Home website by Peter Higginson is now live. According to Peter who also created The Workhouse website:
The Children's Homes website aims to provide information on all of the many and varied institutions that — for whatever reason — became home for thousands of children and young people in Britain. They include a wide variety of establishments ranging from orphanages, homes for those in poverty, and children with special needs, through to reformatories, industrial and approved schools, training ships, and hostels.
Peter did an amazing job with his Workhouse website and I have no doubt that his Children's Home site will be as detailed. 

If you have British ancestors from the United Kingdom you won't want to miss this. For those looking for ancestors in N. American Orphanages please see Orphan & Orphanage Records for links to online databases

Credit: Photo of orphan children courtesy of Family Tree Connection.

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