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August 19, 2014

Great News! My Canvas Is NOT Retiring!!

Great News! My Canvas Is NOT Retiring!!
This past June, announced that they were retiring the MyCanvas website and service in September 2014. 

Today Eric Shoup of Ancestry, made this announcement:

We’ve heard from many people who love MyCanvas and hate the idea of it going away. Well, we have some good news for you: It’s not going away after all. We listened and decided not to retire MyCanvas, but instead transfer the website to Alexander’s. 

Continue reading for more details at MyCanvas Finds a New Home in Alexander’s

UPDATE 3:06 pm

I have just heard from Alexander's (the company taking over MyCanvas) and they WILL ship to Canadians! Here is part of their email to Olive Tree Genealogy just a few minutes ago:

"We're happy to let you know the service will remain available and that we will provide access to those in Canada as well as ship the books to Canadian addresses."

For those who were not aware of this, we Canadians could not use MyCanvas as Ancestry would not ship to us. This is wonderful news! 

1 comment:

Sue O'Neill said...

This is fantastic news. The books you could create with MyCanvas were beautiful and now to know that they will ship to Canada, that's a double bonus!! Doing a happy dance!