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August 27, 2014

Oldest house in Britain discovered to be 11,500 years old

Oldest house in Britain discovered to be 11,500 years old
A Typical Archeology Dig
This is fascinating. Archeologists  uncovered a  circular structure near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, which dates back to the Stone Age 8,500 years BC. It was found next to a former lake and predates the dwelling previously thought to be Britain's oldest, at Howick, Northumberland, by at least 500 years.

The team said they are also excavating a large wooden platform made of timbers which have been split and hewn. It is thought to be the earliest evidence of carpentry in Europe.

It's fun to think about the possibility that one of your ancestors lived in this house! If you have ancestors from Scarborough Yorkshire this is certainly a possibility. My daughter-in-law has roots that go back to that area so it's interesting to speculate.

Have you researched the history of your house? Two years ago I researched the land where we built our home 16 years ago and that was fun. It used to be a large farm piece of property which was severed over the past 100 years. It was fun to look up the previous owners in census records.  Next I want to research the old homes I lived in when I was in town, especially the house that was haunted!

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Michael Harris said...

That is some amazing history. I do hope they find more than just structure.

Anonymous said...

11.500 years old? imagine the back taxes!

Anonymous said...

This is off the norm, by Anthropologists (Archeologists included). Isn't the norm 10,000 YEARS AGO when farming and the taming of animals occurred?

Humans began living in close harmony with others. And, instead of living in caves, humans came out and began building homes for more sophisticated family structures, i.e. the
nuclear family.

I think I have to hit the books again..sigh 8-(. Jacqueline, San Diego.