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November 15, 2014

57 Graves Found Under Church Parking Lot

Recently 57 century old graves were found when a church parking lot was dug up in Toronto Ontario Canada. The church was originally built in the Village of Weston in the 1850s. The coffins and grave markers date as far back as 1866. The church is St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church and so far no burial records have surfaced. 

An old photo, which you can see at  Dozens of old graves found under Toronto church parking lot appears to show a cemetery beside the church. 

That cemetery has not been visible for many years and the suspicion is that the parking lot was built over top of the graves. 

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Barbara McNamara said...

We tried to stop the desecration of an old cemetery pre-dating 1830 on the property of Spring Hill College in Mobile AL. The Jesuits running this college built a dormitory and paved parking lot over these old graves. Construction workers told us that bones and skulls were unearthed by bulldozers ... and a priest would run out, gather them up and order work to continue.