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November 27, 2014

American Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the United States who are celebrating this holiday today.

I often wonder which of my American ancestors celebrated this special day with family.

My last ancestor from USA (Levi Peer) left that country in 1801. Would he have celebrated with family? I don't know!

Last night we took our grandsons out for a "Festive Holiday Meal" here in Ontario Canada. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Ours is in October but one of our chain restaurants is offering Christmas (yes, Christmas!) meals now so that is what we had. I told the boys we were celebrating American Thanksgiving one day early. 

Enjoy your special day!


Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

Lorine, thanks for the good wishes! Have a great day!

Diane De Schutter said...

My family also celebrates this Thanksgiving as my ancestors were the first Settlers in New York, the called New Netherlands, I am a descendent of Van slyke and Ost Toch, finding it fascinating researching the many generations now that I am retired, so time consuming but so enjoyable,

Diane De Schutter said...

Love celebrating this Thanksiving and my american ancestory, 10th ggrand vanslyke and ost toch, amazing history,, Happy Thanksgiving Lorine and Colleen.