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November 9, 2014

No. 4 of My Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries - Jacob Peer

A Facebook friend recently posted her top 10 Genealogy Mysteries.  They aren't brick walls because there is probably an answer somewhere, just waiting to be found.

I thought this was a great idea and I am following suit with my Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries. Of course any help or suggestions for further research are welcome. You can read my other Genealogy Mysteries at Top 10 Genealogy Mysteries

Here is my Number 4 of 10 Genealogy Mysteries:

Jacob Peer ca 1728/38 - 1810/15

Jacob Peer, sometimes recorded as Pear, the immigrant ancestor to Ontario, was living in Newton Township. Sussex County New Jersey in 1774. Jacob married Ann or Anna (surname not known) sometime before 1760.  At least two of his children were married in Frankford Township Sussex County New Jersey in 1782 and 1787 but Jacob has not been found prior to this 1774 date. 

Timeline of Jacob & Anna Peer in New Jersey before they settled in Ontario Canada

1774: Newton Township Sussex County New Jersey

28 April 1784: bought 96 acres of land from Phillip & Mary Riggs, Lot #1 in Newton Township Sussex Co.

1793 June Tax Lists, NewTown, New Jersey - Philip Pear (It is almost certain that Jacob Sr. was with his son Philip at this time. Note their entry into Ontario from New Jersey together in June 1796)

14 Feb. 1794: Petition with Jacob Pear’s signature, 14 Feb 1794, to the Court of Commen Pleas from inhabitants of Sussex County recommending that six surveyors be appointed to Meet at the House of Jacob Pear in Newtown to Relay or lay a Road from the Main Road leading from Newtown to Decker town acrost by Said Pears to a certian Road leading from Thomas Armstrongs to the Bigg Spring.

 3 May 1794 bought 6 acres of land from Silas & Mary Hopkins, Lot #2 in Newton Township Sussex Co. Lot #2 lays adjacent to Lot #1 and Sharps Great Tract on Pepocotting.

1796, June: came to province from New Jersey with son Philip

Where was Jacob before 1774? Who were his parents?  His children's names were Levi, John, Edward, Philip, Phoebe, Mercy/Marci, Jacob Jr. & Stephen. Perhaps his two first-born sons were named in honour of his father and his wife Anna's father? Could his two daughters be in honour of their grandmothers? If so, I might theorize that Jacob's parents could have been

Levi & Phoebe
Levi & Marci/Mercy
John & Phoebe
John & Marci/Mercy

However I can't find any couples with the surname Peer, Pier or Pear that fit the names above. I've done extensive research on this family and have written a 108 page book on Jacob & Anna (The Peer Family in North America. V1 Jacob & Anne Peer, Immigrants from New Jersey to Upper Canada in 1796. A study of the first two generations) but I have yet to solve the mystery of Jacob Peer's origins and parents.


Lynn Myer said...

dont know if you are still looking but I found a jacob peer in this several times
Denizations and Naturalizations in the British Colonies in America, 1607-1775
and on the LDS site the names of jacob sr and anna schneider your Jacob born 1705 in germany

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Thank you Lynn. I have seen the Naturalization record for a Jacob Peer but I have no way of knowing if it is mine. There are a few fellows with that name in NJ at the same time.

It is unlikely my Jacob was born as early as 1705 as that would make him very elderly when children born and since he died after 1812, he would be over 100 years old.

But I will check that out - thank you.