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November 5, 2014

Telling Your Family Story on Crestleaf

Telling Your Family Story on Crestleaf
Telling Your Family Story on Crestleaf
If you're looking for a place to create an online family tree with photos, the website Crestleaf might just suit your needs.

 The company states that 

Crestleaf is a free online family tree builder that has been used by tens of thousands of people to document their family history.  Along with the family tree tool, we provide free access to 90 Million+ historical records. 

So I checked Crestleaf out and it looks intriguing.

When you go to the website you have the option of using your Facebook login or signing up with an email account. 

Once logged in you can search for records of ancestors but be forewarned that Crestleaf is in beta mode and only has the S.S.D.I. death records at present. I decided to create a family tree.
Crestleaf walks you through this process and when you have completed a few names, you see a note that you are being given free space for 250 photos. You also have the option to purchase more space.

Here is what a Crestleaf representative told me about this option:

Users can upload up to 1 GB of photos (about 250 old photos).  In the future,  users will be able to get more storage in one of two ways:

1) Invite your relatives to collaborate with you on your tree - we'll give you more free storage for each relative that joins.
2) Upgrade to a paid account for a nominal fee (this fee amount has not yet been finalized)

My readers know that I am a huge fan of telling and preserving family stories and Crestleaf indicated that they are focusing on that same goal

We're building a place where users can add all of that information into one place where they can tell their family's story.  So, our future focus will be less on adding more historic records and more on improving the ability to tell your story via the family tree and through historic photos 

I suggest you give Crestleaf a try. They also have a blog with some interesting articles. 


Legacy Tree said...

Thanks for the info on this new company. Sounds interesting, though similar to services already out there. Maybe theirs will be even better.

Jana Iverson Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

Have a wonderful weekend!

Susan said...

I am always leary of new genealogy companies that pop up. Some of the sites can look very slick and professional but with all of the hacking and ID theft I like to know who is behind a company before I share private info with them. Also a good idea to read ALL of the fine print before submitting anything. I want to know what they will do with my data and how they will protect it. In a quick search for info on this company I saw that it is privately owned (don't know by who) and has been in business since 2011. Until I know much more, I am stearing clear of putting my data on it.

Caitie G said...

Crestleaf sent me an email this morning. I hadn't heard of them so I quickly did a google search to see what I could find and your post showed up. Thanks for the info Lorine! Great to know! :)