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November 20, 2014

Immigrants to Upper Canada via New York 1817-1819

I've been working on a project called Immigrants proceeding to Upper Canada via New York 1817-1819

Immigrants to Upper Canada via New York 1817-1819.  Pass for George Underhill
Pass #17236 George Underhill, Shropshire, butcher
I have extracted the names and basic information for each of the 199 people who applied for passes to leave New York and enter Upper Canada (present day Ontario)  The actual passes contain more information including age, place of origin, occupation, how many in family and sometimes detailed notes about the immigrant.

The passes begin at Image 33 with number 17228. To find an ancestor pass, just find the name in the list at Immigrants proceeding to Upper Canada via New York 1817-1819 , copy the pass number then go to and paste the pass number into the search engine that says "Search within this reel"

For example one name on the list is 

17236 George Underhill, Shropshire, butcher, wife + 4 ch

If this were your ancestor you would use the link above and enter 17266 into the search engine on that site. You can see his pass above.
[Source: Upper Canada Sundries, Reference: RG 5 A1, Volume 37, passes numbered 17228-17578, microfilm: C-4601. Civil Secretary's Correspondence - Passes signed by British Consul, New York, for Emigrants from Great Britain, 1817-1819. Microfilm available at but it is not indexed] 


Dianne Nolin said...

You sure do a lot of work to help others - it is so much appreciated! I love reading your blog, I always learn something.

T said...

I couldn't make this work. I found three numbers that I'd like to look up but I get the same page every time and the numbers don't go to 17000.

17256 David Ward, Yorkshire, farmer, April 1817
17354 John McCauly Wife + 1 daughter, Co. Antrim Ireland, Smith
17466 Thomas Baily, Ireland, formerly in His Majesty's Service

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

T - after you go to the link to I provided you are in the correct microfilm reel. It will show the following text

Upper Canada Sundries : C-4601

Then you put the number 17256 in the correct search engine (I explained which one in the blog post) and hit SEARCH

Then you will see the image number you need to go to. In this case, with 17256 it shows this

Matching pages: Image 64

All you do then is choose Image 64 from the drop down list

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

T it also seems you are confusing the IMAGE numbers with the Pass Numbers.

Image Number 5 is the actual start of the documents and that document number is 17171.