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July 21, 2017

George Wormald, Miner in the Aldwarke Main Colliery in Yorkshire

Sheffield Independent - Wednesday 12 June 1895
George Wormald had no idea when he went to work on June 10, 1895 that would be his last day on earth. George was 38 years old, a miner in the Aldwarke Main Colliery in Yorkshire, and the father of eight children ages 2 to 15.

Early that morning, George kissed his wife and children goodbye and headed off for what he thought would be just another day working with coal.

Having worked in the mines for 19 years, George was well aware of the dangers and knew how to keep himself safe. Early that morning George placed his lunch and his extra clothing in his usual spot, then realized he needed a piece of chalk to mark his tubs. It was 9 a.m. when George approached a workmate, William Banks to ask if he had any extra. 

Without warning a roof above them collapsed and almost 5 tons of coal fell on the men. George was able to crawl out far enough to get his head out from under the rocks and the other workers were able to dig both men out within a few minutes.

William suffered a broken leg but George died a few minutes after being rushed to the local doctor, crushed by the weight of the coal.

 George was my son's 2nd great-grandfather.

Kate Wormald, daughter of George and my son's great-grandmother. She was 11 years old when her father was killed. 

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