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July 1, 2017

Who Was Here 150 Years Ago?

Patricia Greber, of My Genealogy Life, challenged Canadian genealogists to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday by listing all our ancestors that were living in Canada in 1867, the dates they arrived (can be approximate) and where they first settled.

Here's who was here from my ancestors! Note that they are all from my father's side as my maternal side came from England in 1914.

  1. Joseph & Fanny (Downey) McGinnis arrived from Ireland 1846
  2. Alexander McGinnis born in Ontario 1854
  3. Thomas King, his son David King arrived from England 1831
  4. Mary Bell (wife of David King) and her parents Peter Bell and Elizabeth Higginson arrived from England 1831
  5. Harriet King born Ontario 
  6. Frances Higginson, grandmother of Mary Bell, arrived from England 1831
  7. Levi Peer was born in Ontario but his father, who arrived from New Jersey in 1787, was dead in 1867
  8. Stephen Peer and his wife Mary Elizabeth Vollick both born Ontario
  9. John Greenlees and his wife Elizabeth Johnston came from Ireland in 1820
  10. Jane Greenlees wife of Levi Peer also arrived in 1820
  11. Richard Vollick was born in Ontario and living here in 1867. His parents were Loyalists who arrived in 1787
  12. Isaac Vollick was born in Ontario 1831
  13. Elizabeth Burkholder's parents arrived from Pennsylvania in 
  14. Lydia Jamieson was born in Ontario - her father came from Ireland some time before 1851 and her mother Elizabeth Shuart came from New Jersey and was alive for Confederation


Patricia Greber said...

Thanks for participating, Happy Canada Day!

Jane T said...

Please see my Canada Day post on my blog The Milne Smeed Connection at