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July 12, 2017

Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album p 1

One of the items that was in the treasure trove of family memories from my husband's great grandmother was a 1960s style blue photo album. But inside were photos dating back to the 1920s.

Inside the front cover is a wealth of written information giving the history of Will Elgie's farm, beginning in 1834 with its purchase from the Canada Company. Because the writing was difficult to read, I converted the photo I took to make it slightly easier on the eyes. 

The first page of the blue Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album contains two photos. Sam Facey, who died in 1930, is in the top photo so that helps date it to circa 1920s.

On the reverse of this photo is written  
"Sam Facey   William (son)   Margaret Facey

Sam Facey was my husband's 2nd great-grandfather. Sam was born 11 Jan 1857 in Ingersoll Ontario. In 1879 he married Margaret (Maggie) Wilford, who was born in Dereham Township. Oxford County Ontario in 1859. 

Sam's parents Edmund Facey and Mary Little, were born in Cornwall England and immigrated to Canada in 1852. Margaret's father, William Wilford was born in Cheshire England. Her mother Anne McKay was born in Scotland. William and Annie were married in Oxford County Ontario in 1857. 

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