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July 31, 2017

How to Find a WW1 Soldier

WW1 Training Camp
Sharlene K. asked

what would you have regarding a Michigan born citizen going to Canada and enlisting in WWI, serving in England, marrying in 1919 and returning with a war bride and her would I go about sorting this all out....he was enlisted in the 15 Scotish Rifle Brigade/
Olive Tree Genealogy answer:

Hi Sharlene,

You have lots of clues in your query, and this is what I would do:

1. Search the online CEF (Canadian Expeditionary Force) database for your ancestor in WW1. If found, that will provide you with details as to his service during the War

2. You don't say where he married in 1919 - was it in Michigan, Canada, or England. If in Ontario Canada, marriage records for 1919 are available on If he married in Michigan, marriages for that year are available on (images) and on FamilySearch (index only). Lastly if he married in England you should check FreeBMD. 

3. Since you mention a War Bride I'm guessing he married in England. You should be able to find them coming to Canada on a ship by searching  immigration records on

4. You might want to search for the war diaries of the 15 Scotch Rifle Brigade. You can do this on Library and Archives Canada 

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