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July 19, 2017

Mary Facey Elgie Photo Album p 2

This is a lovely casual outdoor photo probably taken in the early 1920s at William Facey's farm. William aka Will (1884-1958) was the brother of Mary Louise Facey Elgie. He was married to Edith Wiseman and we see the name Edith on the reverse of the photo.

On the reverse we find identifications but it is challenging to know what names go with what individual. 


Diane Scannell said...

I believe the names on the back of your photo are intended to be written over the person being identified rather than our custom of left to right.

When you apply this theory, the standing people would be

Berton Berton’s Berton’s William’s William Edith
Wilford Wife Daughter Wife Wilford

In front of William Wilford would be Gladys

Seated on the grass Margaret
Jenson Will Unnamed dog

I hope my spacing of these names holds in this comment....

Have to love a good challenge. Try holding the photo in front of a mirror and then read the names to see if they are not lined up with the people as I've tried to illustrate.

Angie Wilderman said...

I have my uncle's photo album from 1932 while he served in the military. I like how you have published your albums. I hope you do not mind if I copy what you have done.

Lorine McGinnis Schulze said...

Angie I'd love it if you posted your photo album. That's the best thing to do with them - let others see them.