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April 23, 2012

Case #14: MIA bracelet for Gordon C. Hall - Help Find Family

Rhonda wrote to Olive Tree Genealogy blog about wanting to find the family of Gordon C. Hall, MIA in Vietnam.  Perhaps my readers can help? Here is Rhonda's email:

I am very touched by these stories I have read about these MIA bracelets. I too am trying to find any family belonging to the soldier of the MIA bracelet that I have. His name is Gordon C Hall. 

I went to the Vietnam Wall last week and penciled a sketch of his name and left a letter thanking him for his service. (my father was in Vietnam). My mother has kept this bracelet all these years and I wanted to leave it at the wall, but we decided to hopefully find his family.

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Denise Barrett Olson said...

This bracelet probably doesn't belong to a family member. MIA bracelets were quite common during and immediately after the Vietnam war. POW/MIA associations used them as fund-raising tools much like the Live Strong bracelets of today. The one difference was you could often choose a bracelet for a specific person.