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April 25, 2012

Update on Genealogy Re-organization

Well, these 8 filing cabinet drawers in my current office are empty. And the files they contained have been sorted and purged.

You can see a few of the boxes of files ready to be moved to their new home. Those that I need on a daily or weekly basis are going to my new office in the loft.

Those that I use a few times a year will go to our basement family room and the ones that I need to keep but probably never look at again are going to our basement storage room.

I still have to empty 2 more lateral filing cabinet drawers (6 linear feet) and 2 letter size filing cabinets.

Then I'm ready to tackle the bookcases!

Phew. My son will be here on Friday to help move the furniture so I have to have everything ready by then.

Hubs moved some of the packed file boxes to the basement for storage and he's going to move the rest into our dining room temporarily. I can hardly move in my office at this point!

On the right you can see the huge box of papers I'm burning. Hubs already burned one box this size. The box is as tall as my desk.

It's been exhausting and tedious but what a great feeling to purge! I had no idea I'd enjoy it so much.

There's much more to do but we've passed the half-way point now!


Michelle Goodrum said...

Wow! I am impressed.

Celia said...

The alternative to all this work is to just move every 3 years...! :) You'd be amazed at how quickly you decide to copy items into your computer, get rid of duplicates of things, etc. What great work you've done in such a short time!! Congratulations to you (& hubs) for all the work!