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April 14, 2012

A Good Start to Genealogy Re-Organization

One empty drawer...
Yesterday I wrote about starting a big genealogy re-organization. Well I'm happy to report some progress was made! After four hours I got one drawer in one lateral filing cabinet sorted, reorganized and emptied for the move.

The filing cabinet drawer you see on the left was full. The filing folders you see in the tub are what I pared it down to. The binder is just to hold the files upright. 

I have 5 more of those drawers to go plus two more the same size in my credenza. That's not counting my other filing cabinet in the room.

I don't want to do the math to get a total number of hours needed just for the filing cabinets.

Of course I need to figure out where the files being moved are going until the loft is cleared out. Oh boy that's another little problem of logistics!

The start of a pile of books going to new office
I also managed to clear part of one bookcase and sort the books into three categories.

1. going to my new office in the loft
2. going to Kak's pine bookcase in the sunroom
3. going to the basement

I might take this opportunity to inventory the books too.

I have a pretty big stack of papers for burning and some have been shredded.

It's fun to find things that have been mis-filed or that I forgot I had! I found a short story I wrote about 12 years ago and had no idea where it had gone.

I want to create some simple drawings to go with the short story and turn it into a 15 - 20 page children's book. Then I'll publish it through Shutterfly and give a copy to each of my grandchildren. 

Do you think I have time? Hubs has already cautioned me not to get side-tracked.


Jo Graham said...

Well done, Lorine. Do you fancy a trip to Scotland to help me get my office "rationalised"? I have recently found duplicate copies of books in my bookcase of reference books. A sign of too much time spent in second hand bookshops! :-) Jo

Celia said...

Great beginning, Lorine. Don't forget to do lots of stretches since you're bending and turning a lot going through files etc. Save your back! Cheers.

Michelle Goodrum said...

Great start! Just remember to focus, focus, focus.

Unknown said...

Oh you definitely need to index your books. I kept buying the same ones. Indexed them and it's a huge help.

Anonymous said...

Looks like great progress so far! Don't try to figure out the hours or you might get bummed out! :-)