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April 27, 2012

Who Do You Think You Are with Rob Lowe

Don't miss Season 3 of Who Do You Think You Are? sponsored by take you all over the world and inside the fascinating family histories of 12 celebrities.

Tonight - Actor Rob Lowe ventures into his past and discovers an ancestor who battled against George Washington during the American Revolution.

It's been two weeks since the last episode from Season 3 and I'm really looking forward to tonight's. I'm guessing Rob found out he had Loyalist ancestors (as I do). I'm only praying the producers don't make the mistake that grates on every Loyalist descendant - and that is calling them Tories instead of Loyalists. Fingers crossed!


Jana Last said...

FINALLY a new episode! Looking forward to watching tonight! I wonder why they ran reruns the last two weeks.

Diane Scannell said...

Reruns occur in my area during every holiday or major event when many viewers are likely to be busy with other activities and not glued to the television set.

I particularly liked last night's program with Rob Lowe because he took the facts that were uncovered just as interesting facts and did not try to impose his own emotions or feelings on his ancestor as Martin Sheen did. I also liked that he had some surprises in his ancestry. Not every one had predictable ancestors. *grin*

Janet Smith said...

I enjoyed the segment as well because we are made up of all of our ancestors pasts....I find that I have ancestors on both sides of the American Revolution and all the stories on each side are equally as important to who you really are!